Radiation Protection

What kind of radiation protection does a space probe need and why?

And also, what kind of products, materials, inventions, etc. will be able to protect the space probe from radiation?
Anyone can help? Thanks! =D

I’m not sure if there are any methods of protecting probes from radiation. Other than metal components of probes becoming charged due to radiation, I don’t know of any harmful effects radiation has on space probes. Perhaps there are none, or perhaps we just haven’t sent enough probes to actually find the problems. After all, if a probe fails there isn’t a team of engineers out there to take it apart and see what went wrong. The people in charge are just happy when they get a little bit of the intended data, so I would imagine they care more about simply holding their investment together than understanding how every component is functioning.

These are just some thoughts of mine on the issue, not much else.

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